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Body Balancing

















Body Balancing

A unique way of working with the body/mind. It is the first bodywork technique to focus on the relationship between the body's structure and the body's energy. Considered one of the leading edge body/mind therapies, it moves beyond Western scientific approaches of body structure to incorporate Eastern concepts of energy and healing. It is a gentle, yet powerful system that balances energy in the deepest tissues of the body the bones and ligaments.

Body Balancing uses specific finger pressure and held stretches , called fulcrums.

A fulcrum is a point of stillness around which energy and structure can reorganise itself. It takes a person into a place of refreshing relaxation, which can bring about a profound sense of wellbeing and "body felt" unity.

Body Balancing is beneficial for a wide range of people and effective in many ways. It is wonderful for stress reduction, and helps people to process stress with greater ease. It is one of the paradoxes that such a gentle approach can have such potential for change in a person's life. Many clients report responses ranging from release of physical pain, increases flexibility in their body , to levels of refreshing relaxation and experiences of integration. Body Balancing is also able to facilitate the release of mental habits and patterns that hinder us.

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