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About Me

My business is based on the belief that my client's needs are of utmost importance. I am totally committed to meeting those needs, and as a result a high percentage of my business is fron repeat clients and referrals from clients and medical practicioners.

My background as a Medical Radiation Technologist has been a wonderful foundation upon which to move forward into this field. I have an intimate knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and a deep understanding of many of the diseases and conditions I am working with. I also enjoy close relationships with other practitioners in Tauranga, both medical and complementary therapists, and refer clients on if I feel it is in their best interests. Likewise, I receive referrals from other fields of expertise.

As a Medical Radiation Technologist I began to become acutely aware of how badly stress was affecting the health of many of the patients I was examining. Patients who were coming for investigations for conditions such as breast cancer, irritable bowel disease, stomach ulcers etc were all reporting how stressful their lives were. I decided that I had been on the diagnostic side of the medical field for 25 years, and I wanted to be more involved with helping people manage the stress levels in their lives...and find their way to a more peaceful, and healthier life.


I believe that our bodies have an innate wisdom, constantly striving to maintain good health despite lifes challenges. Good, effective bodywork sessions nurture and empower the body's natural healing mechanisms.

My training has been varied...and is ongoing. There is always more to learn. I regularly attend bodywork courses and attend workshops and lectures, as I feel it is crucial to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and research. I am constantly being stunned and surprised at the powerful efffects and amazing results achieved through modalities like Reflexology and the profound sense of peace and calm engendered through a Body Balancing session. It is really gratifying to see these therapies gradually gaining acceptance into mainstream medical field, hospices, aged care facilities etc.

Bev giving massage

The longer I spend working in this field, the more I realise how important it is to have balance in life family, relationships, work and leisure time, good health and contentment, exercise and good nutrition. Even more important is the balance within - the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is my privilege to work with clients to help them achieve their place of balance and peace in their life.

I work in a tranquil. home-based clinic which has plenty of off-street parking, and just 5 minutes drive from both Bethlehem and Greerton. I have worked for several years in Medical Clinic environment, and still receive referrals from the Physiotherapists and Chiropactor there. It is especially  heartwarming to receive referrals from local Gps. Recognition from the medical fraternity is very encouraging.

I look forward to hearing from you, and the opportunity to help you find the peace, happiness and good health you deserve.



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